Fulton Bankruptcy Attorney’s Top Tips to Save Money

Part of our job as Fulton bankruptcy attorneys is to teach clients how to manage their money and avoid bankruptcy, or at least stay out of it once we’ve taken them through the process.

Saving money is actually easier than you might think. With the tips provided, you will be well on your way to putting more money in the bank while staying out of debt.

Helpful Savings Tips

  • Fulton Bankruptcy Attorney's Money Saving Tips

    Save money painlessly!

    Buy Used
    Buying used items is a great way to save. Whether purchasing a vehicle, clothing items, furniture, housewares, electronics, or other items, buying used instead of new equates to instant savings.

    To save, hit garage sales; visit sites like eBay and Craigslist; and go to discount, thrift, and consignment shops. There, you will find all types of used items in good condition. For instance, you might find a nice table that needs a little TLC. With a little paint, you can completely transform the table’s appearance and make it look like new.

  • Combine Errands
    Good planning is another great way to save money. Instead of running one errand, plan your day so you can make several stops along the way. By being efficient, you ultimately spend less on gas and free up some of your time.
  • Shop the Right Areas
    Grocery stores use a trick of placing the healthiest and cheapest priced foods toward the back, along the outer walls, and on bottom shelves. When shopping for boxed and canned goods, look at these areas first. In addition, always check out the clearance section. Overall, buying meats, dairy, and fresh fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods will cost you less at the grocery store and allow you to shop for healthier food items.
  • Coupon Savings
    Coupons definitely save money. You can find coupons in the local newspaper, online, or through mobile apps, like Groupon. Overall savings is even greater when using coupons in conjunction with store sales. Remember, some stores offer double coupons on certain days of the week.
  • Cut Television Costs
    Having satellite or cable television is costly. Instead of purchasing a bundled package that includes shows and stations you never watch, consider streaming just your favorite shows or go with a minimal online subscription. Many television shows are offered at no charge online or at a price that is less than satellite and cable television. You can also check out free DVDs from your local library of your preferred shows.
  • Sack Lunch
    On average, it costs $2,000 a year to eat lunch at restaurants. Along with being expensive, eating out for lunch is typically unhealthy. By taking a sack lunch to work several days a week, you’ll save money upfront and on doctor’s bills later.
  • Have a Purpose When Shopping
    Instead of going into a store without a list, make sure you know the exact items you need. That way, you avoid what is referred to impulse shopping.

Without making huge changes to the way you live, you can save a lot of money.

Just a few simple lifestyle changes will cut your annual debt by thousands of dollars. If you are already facing a financial crisis or need some financial guidance, a Fulton bankruptcy attorney can help you identify the best solution. To set up a free consultation with one of our Fulton bankruptcy attorneys at Harris-Courage & Grady Solutions, please contact us today at 855-269-2889.

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