Laura Harris-Courage puts all her experience and practice into giving quality service that gives clients a chance to make their lives better and will allow them to get back on their feet. She is dedicated to empowering people who are struggling to overcome their financial difficulties. As a veteran at her profession, she welcomes each case as a challenge no matter how complicated they may seem.

Bankruptcy attorneys Fulton, NY are used to specialize in only debts or maxed out credit but Harris-Courage and Grady PLLC can also handle a variety of bankruptcy cases. Whether you were demoted or laid off, stuck with a spouse’s debt or lost your property, they are dedicated to protecting your rights and getting back what is supposedly yours.

Harris-Courage and Grady PLLC does two things - they offer help and make a difference. Aside from that, they are also able to remove frozen bank accounts, remove liens, prevent creditors from taking away assets like cars, homes, or properties, stop garnishment of your wages, and give you an opportunity to start fresh.

If you need help then do not hesitate to seek it. All it takes is one phone call. One call that will not only relieve you of your problems but also to give you the chance to start anew and go after the life you’ve always dreamed of having for yourself or your family. Make the call, get your free consultation and allow Harris-Courage and Grady PLLC to make a difference in your life.