Serving You is our Passion

As a former attorney for creditors, Laura Harris-Courage is familiar with how they do their operations. As an experienced attorney for bankruptcy Fulton NY, she is well known among her peers, judges, trustees, as well as opposing attorneys. On top of this, she is knowledgeable in the strategies and measures that these creditors will use against you and is therefore dedicated to protecting you and ensuring that everything you do is within the legal parameters. Ultimately, this will help you out and give you a brighter future to look forward to.

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Create a Plan to Get Out of Debt

If you have no choice but to file for bankruptcy in Fulton, NY, remember that you can still make a choice and accept the help that Harris-Courage and Grady PLLC can provide. It is not only safe but it is also a wise decision to choose a law firm that is well versed in the bankruptcy laws and has practiced credit counseling Fulton, NY for quite some time.

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Get out of debt now!

Getting out of debt and staying out of debt can sometimes seem impossible. You don’t even know where to start. We promise though that it is possible to leave debt free and enjoy the peace of mind that it can bring. Laura Harris-Courage explains in detail all of your options and the pros and cons of each in her new book “What is the Best Way to Get Out of Debt.” Best of all, this book is free with no obligation. Click below to get your free copy!

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Free Consultation

Harris-Courage and Grady PLLC was established by Laura Harris-Courage, a bankruptcy attorney from Fulton, NY. It was founded with a passion and commitment to provide immediate debt relief to clients as well as quality assistance to start over and begin living the life they deserve.

Our guarantee is quality service that is worth your time and money. Our bankruptcy law office in Fulton, NY is dedicated to providing our clients with the proper care and services. Let your problems be ours as we help you settle all the legal matters and processes.

Space is limited for this service, so act now before all the time slots are taken. We look forward to helping you! Click below to get started today!

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